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Bsa clx first edition


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So having got my order in for the newest bsa ultra clx .which was released on my birthday march 5th (took that as a signūüėČ)

I've had to wait till now to get my paws on this special edition pcp .I actually took delivery of it on Tuesday from weston guns  in weston super mare (big shout out to Trevor who is a diamond of a fella ) but the beautiful walnut stock that it came with had a small crack /split across the pistol grip which was a shame as that stock was really fell figured and very dark - shame .

Anyway Trevor was right onto bsa and a new stock arrived first thing this morning  .

Got it home mounted one of my fave hawke scopes on the top , via some dedicated sportsmatch mounts (cheers Trev) bsa are STILL making there rails 13 mm (god only knows why ) the scope and mounts they supply in the package are 9.5 mm so don't really fit .(had a BIG  moan about that to bsa - hence the sportsmatch ones ) 

Any way .gun is super duper quiet with the supplied moderator and the trigger awesome and adjustable every way .

The the magazine is a work of art and works soo sweet . The bolt needs a firmer pull back than the older se guns but when you find the sweet spot  it works very well (it's got more to do than in the old version so its a bit heavier ) after a full charge is smoothing out nicely .

Over the chrono then and the first 3 shots of jsb exact did 772 771 773 fps 11.15 fpe 

The heavies did 711 711 712  fps   11.5 fpe 

Looking good .140 bar 

So I set up a target at 25 yds in my garden and pumped it up to 210 bar (it has a new filler probe design so your old bsa ones won't fit ) first shots were a bit low on power  so taking the previous  11.15 fpe as max power I decided that 10.4 fpe would be my start and end of sweet spot . 195 bar came and 10.4 fpe was recorded with the 8.4 s 

Exactly 60 shots later I was back down to 10.4 fpe having reached  11.2 fpe around 140 bar . Perfect and exactly what bsa said it should do .

Oh and the groups at 25 yds ,well I was a bit wobbly having had a beer with my tea and just pumped up the gun but it put exact , heavies and barra fts all in a 10  mm hole at 25 yds .

So brilliant then .

The gun really is something to behold its on another level for bsa  it's up there with the finest guns from air arms , weirauch  daystate  . 








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11 minutes ago, clangerman said:

shame it don’t have a side lever looks good piece of kit and a nice stock enjoy 

Thanks .

I'm pleased it doesn't have a side lever I don't really like them .they seem to always be in the wrong location on a rifle .

Good on bullpups though. 

7 minutes ago, oldypigeonpopper said:

Hello, looks nice, when are the standard CLX rifles suppose to be in the shops, BSA are months behind from their web site info, 

Not sure .I'd suspect soon .as there was a delay  with a single component (don't know what that was )and had to find a new supply to make it .

I'd guess in the next 3 weeks should hit the shops   

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Likey likey!

No sidelever a plus!.

Stock cheekpiece is horizontal rather than angled as on previous wood stocks, which makes Pard addon a bit uncomfortable.

Shame still 13mm rails.

Thanks Stu......must resist!

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