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Think I found a replacement for my LandRover

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5 hours ago, shootgun said:

I think Toyota is the way to go from now on, as from June 1st they coming with 10 years warranty, transferable to the new owner as well if you decide to sell...

Must as I love me landies I've got to admit Toyota seem to be making some fine vehicles and have most boxes ticked......................they're just not Landys😁

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53 minutes ago, London Best said:

I would certainly consider an FJ40 or FJ70 but Hilux does nothing for me.

I came across an old FJ40 long wheelbase in beautiful unrestored condition in Lanzarote about 20 years ago. Cracking motors.

I also had for a short period of time a Nissan Patrol, swb. No interior to speak of it was lost in a fire before i bought it. The Mrs bought me two bucket seats and I improvised the rest. 3 litre straight 6 petrol. Another cracking motor, bit like a 90 before 90s were 90s. Just too expensive on parts.

I always seen to return to Landies though.

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2 hours ago, London Best said:

I used an old Patrol a little in Africa. Bloody tough motor, but harsh leaf springs off road (the only place I drove it!). It struck me as being more original Range Rover size than a 90?

Quite possibly and yes it had  tough leaf sprung suspension. Power steering helped plus it was a novelty then and a heater that worked but having to reverse a half metre to disengage 4wd used to annoy me and also any Landies that had pulled up close behind me. The mirrors where almost identical to discos. Hardly ever went wrong but when it did it cost its entire worth each time to repair. The view from the drivers seat was very landy like and I always thought it was the closest non landy to a landy I could get.

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