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Parking Charge notice PCN

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1 hour ago, Lampwick said:

Reduced to £20 as it didn’t have my registration details!!! 
How come you can get a ticket without details???? 
I’m giving up as the next stage will be back to £100 and potential court date. I turn up, they don’t, costs me a day off plus travel and I eventually still lose!! 


Precisely what they hoped you'd do.

I'd be inclined to point out that just as they'd opted out of the Ombudsman service you'll opt out from paying. However though, in a show of goodwill you will pay the £20 immediately on receipt of the £5 parking fee already paid which is now deemed to be invalid and therefore should be returned.

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5 minutes ago, wymberley said:

Precisely what they hoped you'd do.

And so perpetuates the terrible actions of these immoral firms.


So far, I have always stood up to them and still have not had a visit from the Bailiffs!


Lampwick, why did you raise the question on PW and then not follow any of the advice?

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