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Bike suggestions 2k budget

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I've pushed the budget to £2.7k. Probs do 3.5k if I had another week as I could transfer some funds over but I'm not really keen on that idea for something that will live in the garage 3/4 of the year. I'd rather buy a 1.7-2k bike and have the rest as a good full service on it 

I've been predominantly looking at in this order (Ish) 





Yam xj600 naked 2010 on


Fazer 600 

Bandit 600 or 1200



Hornet 600 or 900 

And as a kicker I've seen a Zx12r with 205bhp 😬 but it looks like a drag bike with that extended swing arm with a mot. I know I'll kill myself on that but.... 

Nothing is local atm, and I hate going into Poole/bristol with a passion. I don't do any large towns if I'm honest




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Well, as you'll have worked out by now, a great fun bike. We had an early one from new. Handle well with an engine that loves revs in a comfortable package. I found the 1st gear a tad tall but that's the only neg I can remember. 


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1 hour ago, dk6052 said:

Honda blackbird here, comfy and rather nippy if need be. 

My dad had a blackbird. I remember I wasn't into bikes much in my teens and I'd got a hobble painting my exs grandparents house in the middle of know where. Anyway phones dad, can you bring me up some thinners. He turns up on this new bike, grinning like a tool. He said watch this, and opened it up, first gear all the way to redline, turned around and asked how fast he was going. Well I think you know how fast he was going. 


He sold it not long after as he knew summat was gonna happen. 

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21 hours ago, dk6052 said:

Honda blackbird here, comfy and rather nippy if need be. 

THis would be my choice if you could find one for the money. Also have a look at the Triumph Sprint ST. I found mine very comfy at 6'4". The 1050 triple is a lovely engine and the bike was plenty fast enough for me.  

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Tbh I'm extremely happy with the hornet. 

It's taught me a lot more about how much I can lean over, its like being a teen again, permanently grinning like a tool when I get on it, its like being on a mountain bike with a 100hp engine (it's 70kg lighter than the cbr). 


Also its only £78 to insure, £70 to tax, but the tank is tiny, 100miles and have to fill up. Don't care, its a absolute blast to chuck about 

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When I first started doing road training and track days lots of the instructors used to ride Honda Hornets, they really rated them. A great handling bike with that Honda build quality. 👌 



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