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I had a trip to Worsley on Friday morning, for my first attempt at a solo shoot. As I pulled up in the car park, a fella warned me about the horse flies and that I was gonna regret the shorts and t-shirt. 
I went and signed in, got my clay card and was again warned, “the flies are like piranhas lately, you need some deterrent”. 
I bought some Avon Skin Soft off them, more to be polite than anything and give myself a modest douse with it, I didn’t  fancy going home to the wife, smelling of Avon cosmetics, so didn’t go mad.
I came away unscathed.

Fast forward to Saturday. I went again, with a pal and his daughter. I passed on the local knowledge, and I again gave myself a cursory spraying.

11 I’ve got, great big angry, ridiculously itchy, rock hard lumps, all on covered parts of my body. They got me through my clothing, big daft slow flying horse flies. I’ve never had so many insect bites in one day, not even on a red flag day in the Everglades.

Absolutely horrific.

So anyone heading to Worsley, slather yourself up, the guys on the car park and the folks in the shop aren’t exaggerating.

Lesson learnt.

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1 hour ago, TIGHTCHOKE said:

So next time will you put a bit more on?

Bee keepers suit I think.

15 minutes ago, Yellow Bear said:

A word from someone who Knows  -- Nothing less than Deet and no thin clothing is effective when they are out at Worsley🤣🤣:whistling:

Like I said, lesson learnt. It’ll be boiler suit over chainmail in future 😂😂

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The itch is awful during the night if it's hot and sticky.

I got munched on the Norfolk Broads few years ago. Awful things that lay flat as you try to swat them away.

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