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Any help/ideas please?

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Wondering if anyone can help please?

Back in 2018 on Feb 8th, in "Dogs in Action...sort of" thread I posted a photo of my dog (George) leaping into the water to go fishing.
Sadly, since then George has died, and I can't retrieve the photo I used.

The first on this page: 

All other photos are there, but of course, not this one. All I get is,


<Message>The specified key does not exist.</Message>
Thanks very much for any help and/or advice.




Thanks very much for any help and/or advice.

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42 minutes ago, London Best said:

That’s what you call a bold entry!
Nice picture.

Thanks. Yeah, he saw the fish rise just before. I got ready with the camera because I knew he couldn't resist it. The next rise and..............never did catch one though.

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10 hours ago, Robden said:

"Ta-Da"    Found a copy on an old 'notebook'.  Forgotten how to make it bigger on here, but it's okay on my phone, laptop, etc.

Thanks all, for trying.


Robden what a fantastic photo - a be proper lab showing it’s love for water . Shame George has gone but bet he’s left a head full of happy memories like the one in the photo.

ATB Agriv8 


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I must admit our lab does prefer her fish cooked but she also loves water.

Lovely photo, apologies if you already know this but you can lighten the picture to see more detail of George, and you can get a print done of the photo is you wish.

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