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Rethinking new shooting vehicle

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I ordered a new Ford transit AWD with a 2 inch lift and front receiver and lots of comfort options including a heavy duty towing package mid high roof and extended length.. At my age (70 plus years ) and 2 HPR dogs I saw myself traveling around in a comfortable vehicle with two dogs. this week I had to do what all dog owners dread and had to put my old dog down. now I Am having second thoughts that that large vehicle. It may be time to downsize instead of going big. I am sipping on some nice old single malt while musing over my decisions.

AL and GiGi (2).jpg

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Sorry to hear about your dog.

First off I think your choice of vehicle is a very personal thing to you.

I have a friend (ex employee) who only ever runs LWB high roofed 4WD transits for his business which is catering trailers. He sites them wherever needed despite terrain.

I had a friend who is a proper Romany Gypsy and traveller. Not seen him for some years as he "travels". He too only uses the above.

Both use them because of their off road ability but also because of the load they carry. Both friends say they are the best tow vehicle ever invented and who am I to argue as they use them all day every day.

I much prefer Land Rover but there you go.

They also both told me they are the most sought after and stolen vehicle, often ringed but always a target.

If I was to buy one I would first be looking at some serious security and possibly visual deterrent like sign writing or colour. I would also attach a roof number plate for the helicopter. But that's just me.

As for a different vehicle, every one has an opinion. Mine is currently Range Rover although the best I ever had was a Disco 1, 200 Tdi. With the Range Rover you get comfort, heat, and if you have the rear seats removed or down, more than enough room for equipment and a couple of dogs. You also get security and their not as expensive to run as people make out. Maintained well they are as reliable as any other vehicle. 

Enjoy your single malt, my choice would be Laphroaig or Ardbeg😀

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As you’re in the US, you have vastly different options to us fog breathing, locked-down, island dwellers.

But if you only have one dog – surely a truck  with a canopy on the rear is the best, and a better basis to go offroad than a van.  Lots of options to suit your budget, and all the modern ones have far more comfort that the old ones.  Ok, not quite ‘captains thrones’ that you can fit to vans, but still.  Ford appears have re-launched the Ranger in the US with decent off-road options too.

What was your intended use for the front receiver, a winch?  I’d urge you to consider permanently mounting it; yes it’s extra weight to carry around where you don’t want it; but when you need it, trying to lug the winch into place, install it, collect the electrical supply….whilst in the rain, stuck in mud…it’s no fun.

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17 minutes ago, udderlyoffroad said:

As you’re in the US, you have vastly different options to us fog breathing, locked-down, island dwellers.


Didn't realise he was a colonial 😁

In that case my choice would be Bronco or Ranger. 

Maybe the front receiver is so he only has one winch and can mount it front or rear, or use the receiver for a firm recovery point. Thompson connectors would sort the electrics but nothing sorts the mud and rain.

There are some really good things coming out now for 2" Square receivers, not least the range of winch trays.🤔

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Posted (edited)

The front receiver is multi purpose. a slide on winch can be attached front or rear and I Have a carrier for a electric assist trike that I use for sporting clays courses and road training for the dogs. sorry all images seem to invert. must be the international dateline. couldn't be the lagavulin.  Landrovers are not a very real option here we do have a dealership with a bad reputation. costs are exorbitant and without the years and depth of support of a robust secondary market the Landy is a rare site on the road here. I have a very large Lincoln Navigator that I absolutely love but with 400,000 miles on it its starting to go.Its the best vehicle  I have owned.I don't want a new one and they do not make a Big V8 engine any longer.

evelo trike.jpg

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Choice of transit was taken away by Ford. After having the Transit on order for four months I was told by Ford they were stopping the production of 2021s and If I wanted a new 2022 please reorder.  So I decided to go a different  way I bought a Big Ford F_250 Super duty4x4 with a 6.7 diesel engine. Kind of over the top in towing capacity for what I Need . I have ordered a industrial topper shell and a truck Vault as well as a front receiver. I will post pictures when the monster is put together. Amazingly this truck gets better milage per gallon than my SUVs gas motor and the clean diesel fuel is cheaper. I am looking forward to pulling some SUV or truck out of a ditch or who is stuck in the .mud

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