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MOT, Service, Tax, Insurance and recovery all due same day.

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Well that's the service and MOT out of the way.

Since I stopped doing the work myself I'm never sure if I'm getting value for my money. 

Range Rover Vogue.

MOT, service, track rod, track rod end, tracking. I knew the handbrake was defective so expected that at least. £240 + vat for labour the rest in parts. £505 all in. Have I got off light?

Everything due 19th July. (Tax on 1st)

Insurance quote today £340.

Recovery, Green Flag, £132.

Fortunately I pay zero tax.

I think I need a days pigeon/crow shooting now to relax and forget about the money.🤔


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11 minutes ago, TIGHTCHOKE said:

Are you planning to give your wallet a life saving massage?

What wallet? I'm married, have kids, grandkids, a Range Rover, caravan and two expensive hobbies, I don't have enough money to warrant a wallet. 

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2 hours ago, stumfelter said:

I thought for a minute there may be a tax exempt range rover! 😂😂

Didn't you know, all Range Rovers are free tax? How else could we afford them?

Yes, it's mobility, I get free tax as I'm registered disabled. Blue badge for parking too although it makes little difference on my perm as the pigeons refuse to let me park near them.

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