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First birds for a month!

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Set out yesterday at 11 am to look for the elusive pigeons that have been almost non existence for the past month, first stop found about 20 birds feeding on some newly planted grass. This has been planted at the top of 3 large fields and is about 70 yards wide, some sort of scheme for wild life I think, I have a wheel barrow left in the hedge to cart the gear to a chosen spot which in this case was some 300 yards away up hill! I set up in the spot that I had seen them which was at the far left-hand side that has a large wood behind, not expecting much but always hopeful. Fist 4 in I missed the lot and gave myself a good talking to, I do miss the banter Tom and I had on such events, any way it was some time before any more appeared mostly coming from behind and catching me half asleep. It was a pleasant day so I was just pleased to be out the bag had no consequence, I packed up at 3.45 with 3 in the bag for 8, at least it was down hill for the return journey. On the way out the farmer appeared with the sprayer a quick chat informed me that he had cut the last hay field and collecting the bails earlier had put up hundreds of birds! I went to investigate and sure enough about 100 ish birds were feeding and more joining, and I can drive to my chosen position. By now I was pretty nackerd  so just watched for about 20 minutes, 3 lines coming in by the time I left about 150 feeding well. Soooooo today after a bit of grovelling to the better half I'm on it. I only hope thy turn up too.  

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