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Homemade Prosciutto Ham


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7 hours ago, SO3isme said:

It does look delicious. How did you 'air dry' ?

I wrapped it in muslin, hung it in the garage and durng prolonged periods of good weather I had it outside.


1 hour ago, WalkedUp said:

Wow that looks great. Our kind of food. My boys would have that down to the bone in less than a day. 

Thank you.

It was made from pork that was reared by a bloke I worked with, bought straight from him, cured at home. Shropshire living, haha.

It was probably worth a lot of money once cured, it cost me about £40 to do once buying the leg and salt.

Great with some bread, cheese, wine, ale.

It was really nice, I'm thinking about doing another one soon after finding these pictures.

As I was reading other recipes I seen one for goose pastrami and salami. Luckily I've just aquired some shooting with land covered in Greylag and Canada, shame I have to wait for the Greys as there are loads of them doing the same damage as the Canadas.

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Oh my that looks good. Armed with some suitable cheeses, crackers and a crisp dry cider that ham would keep me occupied for a while.

Starting to think just looking at the food and drink section is getting bad for my health haha

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Looks superb mate!  Did you bury it in salt only or did you use a salt & nitrate/nitrite cure?  You get attached to the legs when they’re drying don’t you - it’s like having another child to look after 😀

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