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Vet bills

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So my 8 year old springer/collie just had her first ever trip to the vets. Was off her food for a good 4 days, was really lethargic and listless and generally behaving like she was a fossil. As she's still intact me and the missus were concerned it could be a pyometra.

So having heard of extraordinary vet bills due to covid I took her to the one hour walk-in evening surgery our main vet branch operates a couple of times a week in our town to get their opinion. Vet does some poking and prodding, "yea mate, quite concerning.... can you take her to the main branch right away for ultrasound?"

Off we go for the main branch with the potential bankruptcy bills looming ahead. Ultrasound and examination later reveals a bit of sediment in the bladder.

So we ended up having to pay for a consultation fee, ultrasound, antibiotic injection, anti-sickness injection and omeprazole for reflux (exactly the same bloody tablets as I take myself!)

After all that I had a bill in mind around the £200 mark after hearing horror stories of other peoples dogs needing treatment during these covid times. I was pleasantly surprised to be handed a bill of £65 all in.

Next morning I opened the dogs kennel to let her stretch her legs before I went to work, she came out like a missile, treatment seems to be working! 😁

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£40 to walk in the door at our vets, then a 500% mark up on drugs. £25 for a couple of seconds on the phone, biggest joke however was last year when my lad was attacked by a GSD, following day he was clearly unwell so off to the vets for a check over, £40+ later and we are assured that he is fine and maybe a little in shock (he's very nervous), next day, as he's not looking any better, the wife gives him a good looking over and finds these under his belly. 


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4 hours ago, bruno22rf said:

He's good as new now, £170 odd on Antibiotics, anti inflammatory cream and steroids I hold in stock so that kept the bill down.

Bloody hell that's a horrible experience for the dog. In days gone by if a dog attacked another out of sheer malice people would be taking a walk to the fields with a gun and a shovel and coming back without the dog.

This is the copy of my receipt from he vet just so people can compare their price with their own vets.

My thoughts are the vet is a long established independent practice that does everything from agricultural animals down to hamsters and they arent beholden to some overlord financial outfit like some of the chain branches that have become popular.



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Rob85, not if the attacking dog belongs to a Policeman (off duty at the time) who then txt's you to say he will not comment on the matter. As luck would have it I saw him at Tesco's last week, I told him what I thought of him in front of everybody, he put his trolley back and left.

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