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Hi lads thinking buy 17 plate np300 private sale.

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What’s I am concerned about is the lad jet washed engine bay then sprayed wd40 all over engine I took it for a good run round 

and it performed like I was expecting it to do.

I like the motor but wondering why he sprayed it all over engine it’s still got Nissan warranty till next august any thoughts on subject 

thanks for your time looking.tony

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Could have been just minging in below so he's jet washed it....not bad if its done properly, then as WD40 is a water displacer he's probably sprayed it down to make sure the water doesn't go where it isn't supposed to.

Still a case of buyer beware as if its quite new then how did it get into such a state that the engine bay needed jet washed

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Very comfortable soft truck. Very good on fuel and the ride is superb (for a truck).

Wheel arches designed with pockets to catch and hold mud and stones that even a jet wash will not remove. Trim is suspect.

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Wd40 makes the plastic look good so it may not be untoward.  Be interested what it’s like on fuel as I might have to get one when my l200 is up for renewal as you can’t get them any more

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