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28 Guage Armsan Semi Auto [ Chris Clayshooter ]

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I have a 28 guage Armsan  Semi Auto brought second hand and it hasnt done much work so I put a couple hundred 28 gramme  shells through it to loosen it up 

but I find it will not cycle 24 Gramme  fibre loads if I go back to 28 Gramme loads it recycles fine  I keep it clean and very lightly oiled ,Any Ideas ?

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I know the grief...I think! After all if it needs 28 gram loads to work all you've now got is a lighter profile 20 Bore but firing expensive cartridges. Like all these things I'd email the importers. If gas operated or recoil operated I'd guess there will be a means to lighten the force needed to make the gun cycle so as to drive the breech block fully back. Ask the importers or try You Tube.

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My armsan a620 (20 bore ) will cycle 24 grm loads fine but struggles with 21 grm loads . 

Your 28 b  should cycle 21 grms 

It really shouldn't need 28 grm to work .

Something wrong me thinks .

Is the oring split  .if so it will leak air forwards instead  of driving the piston /bolt .backwards fully .

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On 04/07/2021 at 18:22, Mr grumpy said:

No.but they are of a far better quality and properly engineered.not after an argument mate.

as it happens ive got an a300 bought new ten years ago,it cost me £850,the blacking is 3rd rate,the wood resembles a pallet,but its reliable....i also have an a620 armsan,cost £395,it shoots just same as the beretta for half the price,even cheap turkish guns have better finished barrels an wood than the outlander.

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I have the same thing with my sons 28g armsan they are cheap Turkish rubbish but with a 28g load they work well and kill well my boy loves it I have offered to buy him a 20g bretta or browning semi to replace it and he wants to keep it so I looks like 28grams is the way forward I guess 

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