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Pistol / Rifle / Shotgun Cleaning Kits Brushes Mops Jags etc 12G 410 kits and .22 .30 .38 brushes


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Pistol / Rifle / Shotgun Cleaning Kits Brushes Mops Jags etc 12G 410  kits and .22 .30 .38 brushes

I bought a bunch of cleaning stuff from auction and need to get rid of what i dont need as there was just loads

I did pay too much for the stuff I bought (thats how the auctions get you!) so whilst I am looking to get something back for the stuff I dont need I am happy to consider offers - the more stuff you want the better as I am prepared to send out bits and pieces but prefer sending bigger job lots out.


1) New and used (some used but very little use) cheap to proper cleaning kits mostly 12G but a few 410 of varying quality Red Kite Parker Hale etc. offers from £5-20 plus P&P

2) A couple of new Gunmaster 42 piece cleaning kits (assume one or two pieces could be missing) shows on Amazon at £42 - offers in the ballpark of half that plus P&P

3) Stand alone brushes in .22 .30 and .38 cal (plus one unlabelled in between .22 and .38 so maybe 6-7mm) SEE PICTURE £5 for two plus P&P

4) A selection of classic style cardboard and plastic cleaning boxes - some with cleaning components contained (Parker Hale Webley & Scott etc.) offers around £10 each plus P&P

5) An absolute stack of used mostly 12G brushes mops jags sticks etc - as I have to say a price lets say roughly £1 per item plus P&P but tell me what you want and make an offer

6) Several pistol cleaning kits used £10 plus P&P


I literally want to clean out space so as long as its covering my time and costs I'm happy to take sensible offers but I'm required to list with a price 🙂

Please be aware that obviously these parts have potentially different threads and whilst I can try and match up a "kit" with the same threads I dont know what rods you already have





clean 2A.jpg

Clean IMG_2745A.jpg

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9 minutes ago, MacSxS said:

interested in the parker hale 12g box set. PM sent 

Sure - are you happy with £10 plus £3.68 postage ?

Do you want any 12G Snap caps ? I have Plastic spring loaded Aluminium and Chrome

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1 minute ago, MacSxS said:

yeh that price is fine if you throw in 2 brass snap caps.

how do you want paying ?

Sorry realised all the brass have gone but happy to throw in 2x aluminium ones that need cleaning for free

I'll PM payment details

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