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Having to pay to fit replacement hob !!


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The fast heating ring on an electric hob cracked. It was not cost effective to repair. Under the extended guarantee we were give a “gift card” 😂 to present at Curry’s towards a replacement hob. The value covered the hob plus the unused portion of the guarantee and was acceptable. When we selected a replacement hob Curry’s charged us £90.00 to fit it. We complained that we were not buying a new hob where fitting costs would be appropriate. Curry’s were replacing a hob which they supplied, which went wrong and they should carry the refit costs not the customer. The asst Manager said he had no option but to charge and to take our case to their guarantee dept and if they agreed they would give us another gift card and he would refund the money.

Before we complain I thought I would consult PW colleagues to see if anyone has knowledge of consumer law etc to strengthen our case. I can find plenty of advice of problems post delivery etc of new items but not an item 2yrs old and under a guarantee.

We will be adding that this problem is not for the first time. We had a similar hob about 3 1/2 yrs ago. It too went wrong. Was replaced and that time no fitting costs were charged by Curry’s. So, we have a precedent but it would be helpful to have consumer law chapter and verse to support our case.

All advice welcomed. Thanks.

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Is it a like for like replacement hob on what I call a split cooker? Separate hob top from the grill/oven below? If that's the case just fit it yourself, its not a massively complicated job, I certainly wouldn't pay that money just to set a hob in and wire it into the mains.

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OK, this hangs on when you bought it, how much you paid for it and if you have used it reasonably. I would say anything under 5 years is not "fit for purpose" and, as long as you have not damaged it in any way, the seller is totally responsible for replacement costs. They are within their rights to ask you to prove that the item has failed, in this case you get a technician to check the item over and state that it has failed due to a non user cause. The bill for this report is also chargeable to the seller if it finds in your favour. Forget extended guarantee's, total waste of money. PS some companies warn you of a charge if the fitter finds signs of damage that the user has caused, if no such damage is found then the £90, in your case, would be refunded.

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Umpteen time's i have bought items from suppliers and been offered these extended guarantee, all electrical goods. 

They are an add on commission bonus for the staff. If the items that are being sold depend on the buyer to pay extra money to ensure the items will keep running as expected i question the quality in the 1st place. I never pay for these extended guarantee's. 



if i had of bought an item that failed / or did not last as expected i would not repeat that purchase regardless. Hence not ever buying Harkilla boots again they fall apart. 


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29 minutes ago, Dougy said:

Hence not ever buying Harkilla boots again they fall apart. 

Or arrive not water proof .


As for the OP, I'd say if it's under 5 years then tell them they are fitting it for nothing. It's not new it's not been damaged by you. The product failed. As a consumer you have the right to a new unit fitted for 0£.

I'd stand your ground, even make a bit of a scene in store if you feel they are treating you badly. Not full on toddler meltdown but enough for possible customers near by to hear the poor after sales care you are getting

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