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Scope recommendations for 22lr & 17hmr

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1 hour ago, villaman said:

I have Hawke vantage  side focus which was on my HMR but changed it for discovery ffp side focus  , far better scope imo

Don’t confuse me now mate😂

6 hours ago, Dave-G said:

Be advised: the unburned gasses from a short barrel HMR will soon erode the aluminium baffles in a sak. Brother and I have both been there and done that following recommendations... Invest a tiny bit more in steel baffles such as an ASE UTRA rimfire: https://calibreinnovations.co.uk/product/ase-utra-dual-rimfire-moderator-1-2-unef/

Thanks. I will bare this in mind. Was looking at the sak mods. 

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Posted (edited)
1 hour ago, Lucasnorth said:

What’s anyone’s thoughts on the dedicated caliber scopes. 

I’m now looking at this for the 17hmr as it’s a side focus. 




First time I've seen that, looks a nice ret, better than their half mildot efforts. I'd not want to be using it at 16 mag to get those markings right and thats at 2550 FPS meaning a full length barrel.

I'd say use it at less mag and learn the distance drops but keep in mind a HMR, particularly a short barrel variant is typically borderline 1 MOA - so forget reliable grouping at much over 150 yards.

I use a BDC retical on a different scope at 8 mag to retain feasible acquisition, 16" barrel, V-max. Zero at 90 yards, first marking 150 yards. Second marking at 220 yards is just for pure optimistic vermin control body shots if getting closer isn't viable. 

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Oh good, more confusion😁

so I should probably not get a caliber specific one then. So if I just got a hawke vantage 4-16X50 AO IR. there SFP. Would that be better?

or is there any lens you would recommend 



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On 04/07/2021 at 17:35, Lucasnorth said:


Don’t need to be anything fancy but nothing naff. 


Perhaps you should read this ^^

Although the WA model does have ballistic turrets, which are useful

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So. After been in the gun shop for nearly 2 hours Iv bought everything I need. Iv paid for my rifles. Just waiting for them to turn up. 

The 2 scopes I went for are. 

For the 17 hmr  


and for the 22lr


Also got 2 Deben 6-9” bipod. 

2 wildcat mods.  

Sports match mounts. 

2 tikka gun slips. 

2 tikka rifle slings. 

And alsorts of bits and bats for cleaning them. A few quid short of £2000. Pleased as I was hoping for the £1000 mark for each set up. 

Thanks for everyone’s help/suggestions and advise. 


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1 minute ago, Lucasnorth said:

Got a couple of things wrong there🙈

the scope for the 22lr is the 3-12X44. 

And the bipods are hawke not deben😁

Does it not make sense to have the higher zoom on the rifle with the longer range?

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