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.22lr AR style semi-autos - which one to get?

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Anyone own or shot any the of the currently available .22lr AR style semi-autos? I'm looking to get one soon. Considering:

  • S&W M&P15-22
  • Kriss Defiance
  • Tippmann M4-22
  • Southern Gun Co. V/W22
  • Lantac LA-15
  • Hammerli TAC R1

Pros and cons and opinions please. Any others to consider? Thanks all.

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Are you buying new? If so the southern gun company one is pretty much a custom build so I would assume you are more likely to get exactly what you want in the base gun

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They arent made anymore I believe ? But there are some still new ones left in dealers, the SIG 522 in its various configurations.
They are a full size trainer for the 'real' SIG 556 , with a proper barrel (the HK 416 and others have a thin barrel with plastic surround to make it look like a 5.56) folding stock and on the SWAT model quad rails, 16 inch barrel.

The Kriss is a nice gun , but barrel length is a little long.
The M + P Ive never handled , but Im told they are very plasticky.

The Tippman, SGC and Lantac are expensive but quality.

It really depends on what you are going to use it for, a 25M plinker can be served with the cheaper stuff, but if you want something thats vermin capable and accurate ,you need to spend money on a gun with a decent barrel.

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A friend has the S&W. He did have to do some experimenting to find out what ammo it cycles though as it is a bit finicky subsonic ammo with CCI being the worst offender. Standard and high velocity stuff like mini-mags are fine. He also struggled to find a sound moderator to stay attached to the barrel too (its a rabbit gun).

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Get the s&w 15-22

they work so well and a good price point 

last round hold open on them 

so many parts available for them 

mine eats any ammo 

reliable mine has had probably over 100k rounds through it as I go though a lot and it’s was a club gun used on courses before I had it where they would used hell of a lot of ammo 



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If you do go for the 15-22, have a look at the performance centre model if you want a more accurate rifle.

Just be aware you cannot use a certain ammo in them.

My 15-22 sport has been faultless but does leave something to be desired when it comes to accuracy.

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