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C Class or E Class real perfomance MPG

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On the lookout for a nice, comfortable, economical cheap to tax, saloon for doing quite a bit of touring in and considering an E Class Merc around 2015-2016,

Both C and E Class show to have same figures for tax and mpg but really looking for the size & comfort factor as retirement approaches and E Class possibly fits the bill better.

Can anyone give me real life mpg for the 2.1 diesels and recommend which model,

Never had a Beemer but 5 series also reckons to score good on comfort.

Not had a saloon for years having had xtrail for last 17 years and will keep running it till wheels fall off, daily vehicle is a works van so should be plenty of saloon options for consideration having not been in the market for a while

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I have a 2017 E class 220D saloon. Had it for 3000 miles and I'm glad I had the SE not the AMG - lovely and comfortable and doesn't crash over holes in the road. Its very quiet and comfortable and just knocking around will do 44 - 46mpg. I did 275 miles one day last week of mixed motorway and A roads, pressing on where I could and it did 64mpg.  I don't doubt that with a lighter right foot it would do over 70mpg. I only use BP, Shell, Esso or Texaco standard diesel , currently £1.31/litre locally. I think that's cheap motoring.

I tried a C250D for a while, it was no quicker, made more noise and wouldn't do more than 40mpg no matter what I tried. 

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have an e class estate CDI, knocking about on the lanes shows 40 - 45, went down to Manchester 117 mile round trip dash showed 47mpg, that is on supermarket fuel with an accidently added amount of petrol,(28 litres) currently being diluted out at every chance, not so hot starting chugs a bit, but runs ok no funny noises

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I've got one of the last of the old 5 series estates - 520d on a 17 plate. Local running to and from work (13 miles each way, mostly single carriageway roads, small amount in town) it gives 45-47mpg. A motorway run (we went up to Perthshire a couple of months ago) it returned 52mpg at a steady 75mph.

Those figures are calculated from fuel put in versus miles done - NOT off the trip computer


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