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Replacing Pellet probe and transfer port O rings on a Daystate Air Ranger FAC.


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Hi folks,

I'm after a little advice.

I haven't used my .25 Air Ranger fac for some time now. I've gone to have a look at it with a view to using it, and it's totally empty of air. It's leaking terrible. I can't get any air into it.

It comes straight out of the breech, and also around the pellet probe. I intend to replace both seals and have a box of lots of different size O rings. Hopefully I have a couple that fit...

But I'm not sure what my box of seals are made from. Do they need to be made of a special material for the job? And also, should I use a tiny bit of silicone grease when fitting them?

I appreciate I could order a genuine seal kit, but it seems silly if i can use what I already have.

I also nipped up the filling port just in case, but it made no difference.

Some constructive advice would be appreciated.



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To be truthful .

I've tried fixing leaking pcps with orings which haven't been 100 % correct .

It doesn't work .(even when you think they should do ,as they look almost the correct size ).

I'd find out the correct oring size and if your lucky enough to have one great other wise .just order a couple of new ones .

Honestly this is good advice .

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Order a seal kit.

Too many tiny variations in o rings not to mention the material they are made from.

Correct kit will likely save you a lot of hassle and probably only a few quid.



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Hello, Bagnall and Kirkwood do the seal set, you can also buy direct from Daystate, both about £12, changing the breach seal I use a dentist tool set off eBay, pick, tweezers, mirror, 

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Thanks again folks.

I went through my bits and bobs today that came with the rifle when I bought it used. 

I could of sworn the seller included the single shot slide tray, all the bits to service the filler valve and a complete O ring set. And after a fair bit of searching I found them! All neatly packed in a little jiffy bag!

So I'm thankfully/hopefully I'm sorted.

Thanks again folks. 👍

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