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Some recent work

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My Dad used to sit in his shed for hours, especially after retirement, chopping kindling. 
I have had these gloves he would wear whilst doing it, and the small 1lb axe he used, since he died. 
I hung them on my easel recently, and painted them actual size from life ( which is what I do with most still life subjects ) in acrylic. 
When I picked them up with painting them in mind, I found myself blubbing like a baby. I’m 62 this month and it’s 17 years since he died. 🙂 I really do miss him. 
Anyhow. Acrylic on primed card. image.jpeg.c3d6b335986f4beb74f111bab0438f4d.jpeg

The gloves seem slightly out of focus on the picture above, so here’s a sharper close up….hopefully. image.jpeg.afef10634496baf0b2b84f9fa088a7dd.jpeg

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Brilliant work , looks like a photograph, and a very touching story.

Sometimes , men just dont do the grieving process properly , for a multitude of reasons, but I can tell you , as many will , it always comes back to whack you round the heart later on.

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👍 Very good, I can't say that I'm an "art" lover, most I don't see the point of but every now and then I see something that I like and that would be one.

A friend has my favourite its a pencil drawing of cows walking along a narrow lane. I've offered then a lot more than they paid for it but the wont sell, can't blame them i wouldn't. 

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I lost my dad 25 years ago and sometimes when thinking about him I think of all the things I should have said when he was alive.

Wow, you certainly have a talent there, as said, it almost looks like a photo, I for one would like to see more of your paintings, what other subjects do you paint?

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Stunning.A lovely story too.

I cannot believe I am looking at a painting.The detail and texture are so realistic.Its like you could pick them up.Amazing talent you have.

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Great photo , opps sorry Scully I meant painting and a very good one at that , one of my treasures is a painting of the Lab I had when I retired , the painting was done unbeknown to me and presented to me at the do they put on , lovely story by the way .

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Posted (edited)

Many thanks all, much appreciated. 
My Dad and me had a fractious relationship really; my Mother claimed it was because we were so alike. Despite getting on each others nerves quite a bit , we had great times and I loved him dearly. 
This is another I finished recently and headed up to the Torrance Gallery in Edinburgh at the months end. It is of my OH’s Vans, again actual size and in acrylic. image.jpeg.412506becd0fb4679e966834406d2306.jpeg

Edited by Scully
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16 minutes ago, old'un said:

Mate you have some serious talent there, do you show your work?

Thanks Old’un. Yes, I exhibit in various galleries and several exhibitions throughout the year. 

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