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Tick Remover

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Depends on your application.  If it's dug-in ticks that have grown to a certain size on your hound, those plastic ones linked to above are perfect.  If you've found one on yourself that is tiny and hasn't embedded itself properly, you're better off with a pair of fine point tweezers.

As for losing them, I keep them in a one of those sweet tins mints come in.

If you're feeling flash, worth keeping a set in your vehicle as well as one at home.


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My wife had huge problem with ticks on her horses, she just covers the ticks in Vaseline ,it cuts off the air supply and suffocates them, they just drop off after a very short time , 

I was in hospital in France for a minor operation, I found a tick in my belly button, the nurse almost had a melt down and ended up rushing me down to a treatment room in the A & E, where a doctor , with  4 student doctors looking on, filled my belly button with surgical spirit then using tweezers carefully removed the now dead tick, they studied it under a microscope to ensure there were no parts missing (presumably still in my stomach) after which they declared me tick free, it was only later I discovered the huge dangers of contracting Lime's disease from a tick bite ,which can be fatal, so their efforts were much appreciated. 

Just one of the many blood sucking, flesh eating creatures on this planet , lovely jubbly.

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