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A Well Pampered Pigeon Shooter .

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After my recent Hernia operation ten days ago I was still in some pain but can now walk a reasonable distance , having looked at the Pea stubble yesterday afternoon and seeing a nice lot of Pigeons I rang my picker up friend and asked him if he would like a day on the stubble , I would love a day thank you very much John was his answer , he then asked if I was going myself ? , yes I will be out there but not much before one , anyhow I left him to it and he rang up mid morning and he had about a dozen and he would ring again later , I loaded up my motor just gone 12 and on my way out there the phone went again and Rob said there were several about now and as he wasn't shooting that well I can put a hide up beside his and shoot over his decoys , just as I pulled on to the field I saw a Pigeon heading straight into the coys , two shots later the Pigeon was scared but not dead , when I pulled up to his hide he had in the mid twenties and the odd Pigeon was trying to get in while I was putting up a hide that joined his , this was done in a matter of minutes and after parking my car  down the field next to his I was soon ready for the next customer , this didn't take long and I soon had my first one on the score board , with Rob being the perfect gentleman he said have a few shots while I have a drink and go and stretch his legs to look for a runner .

No record bags were going to be made but it was a lovely warm day and we were in the shade under a ole Oak tree , Pigeons were coming in nicely to his set up which by now were 30 odd dead ones , a dozen rubber decoys , a floater at the back , a flapper 20 yds in front and a magnet slightly to one side , I have gone off a bit using magnets but I must admit today they were pulling Pigeons from a good distance and were earning there keep , from half past three things started to slow down and we were just getting the odd shot , we agreed to give it another hour and call it a day , in the last hour I got three for three but poor Rob was feeling the heat and missed whatever he fired at , so bang on the dot we packed up , how easy to drive your car right up to the hide , open the door and stow the gear inside , Rob was doing all the bending down to pick the pigeons up while I was using my dog to pick a few that dropped well out , when all picked we had 49 , as I said not a record bag , but I found it a dead easy day , a nice lot of sport and sharing the afternoon in very good company , a perfect way to recuperate and being pampered in the bargain . MM

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What a lovely report of your day out. It’s good to hear that you’re  out and about with gun again and enjoying what we like best. Also good that youngsters (assuming Rod is under three score years and ten) look after us oldies when they need to. The ability to drive up to the hide position certainly makes for an easier day. That was a good bag. Glad that you are on the mend.

Many thanks for posting.


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Morning All ... Many thanks for your kind words on wishing me a speedy recovery , how lucky we are to have access to our countryside when we are not feeling 100% and how much better we feel after we have had a good dollop of fresh air inside us , far better than most medicines .

Beware in this heat in trying to keep the dead pigeons from getting fly blown as I had a constant battle in keeping the flies off the sack I had a few Pigeons in , I have just inspected each one before they went in the freezer and I only lost one that I will freeze and use as a decoy . this was my overnight storage with a sheet over the stack of boxes .


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