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Skoda Karroq DIesel 4x4


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Advice please.

I bought the above car in March 2019, as they had stopped making the Yeti.  It has the Haldex transmission, which I don't know anything about.

I 've not had any problems, just put it in for its annual service, which never shows anything except Oil Change.

Someone on this forum mentioned his Dad had a Yeti, which had been in for "Haldex Problem".

Is this something I should look out for ?

Any info would be appreciated.

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The Haldex unit is fitted to most AWD drive car's and is very reliable, my Freelander 2 had it but Landrover claimed sealed for life. I did have the oil and filter changed prevention is better than cure.

My current Volvo XC60 has it and when the warranty runs out I will have the oil changed on it.

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I, too, know nothing about the Haldex system on my Yeti. However, I was a Trenchard Brat in airframe flavour and have an HND in Fluid Power Technology and Design with some 35 odd years of hands on experience. The information gained from this is the sure and certain knowledge that hydraulic technicians worth their salt obtain most of their wealth/profit from correcting the faults caused by lack of/incorrect maintenance. One thing to remember about the Haldex is that it's similar to your TV or computer in as much that it's only switched off when the engine is. The rest of the time it's in 'standby mode' ready to respond immediately when required with a small percentage of power always being fed to the rear axle. When I got mine it had some 60k on the clock with no sign of any servicing of the unit. The garage couldn't immediately get a filter but could the oil so this was changed - you should have seen what came out - and then changed again when the filter arrived and was fitted. I had planned a 40k/20k filter/oil change servicing frequency but as age as well as use can degrade oil, Covid might well mean a temporary - or possibly permanent if my mileage stays low -  change to a calendar base.

What does your service regime give for the Karroq? 

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As above. I have a Skoda with a Haldex unit - I change the Haldex oil every 4 years (I think) and the filter every other change, despite Skoda saying it doesn't need to be changed. I had to tell a supposedly good independent VAG garage how to to it as they didn't think the filter could be changed!

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