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12Gauge reloading machine for sale ( ponsness warren 800 + )


The Ponsness Warren 800 Plus is a progressive machine equipped with the star gear, index pad and main index gear that gives the 'click' when the machine is indexed. The machine features a die-removal cylinder that allows quick and easy shell removal at virtually any station. The EZ-fill access hopper will hold 1lb of powder and 25lbs of shot and has a brass external adjusting primer feed assembly.

Another great feature of the 800 Plus is the quick changing tooling kits. Since the 800 Plus does not have a centre shaft, tooling kits are installed into a tool head allowing the machine to be converted to another gauge in under 5 minutes.
comes with extra dies... powder wads plastic, as well as fibre.....£800 collected so i can show you how it works there will be enough powder shot cases and wads to show you and get you started..

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