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First rape stubble.


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20210731_141710.jpg.ca7f876bf63559d65b623cd42ce71993.jpgNo rape is off on the Wolds but on the flat land near Lincoln some has been taken.

Jacko picked me up at 10.30 and we were watching three weak lines into two hundred acres of rape stubble by 11.00. The obvious one would mean the wind at our backs, a nice change from our outings of late.

Birds came high overhead from behind. Some turned back to the decoy pattern but most (about 300) carried on to a place in the field where we could not set up.

We had shooting for 3 hours or so and shot some decent birds between us. We picked 90 pigeons. 

 Yearling roe buck came to investigate.




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Good going to shoot 90 odd in three hours , no sign of any rape been cut down here this last week , the weather is making this years harvest another stop and go and like today we have had heavy thundery showers this afternoon , the farm don't mind as it give them a chance to clear the bales off and leave it ready to start cultivating .

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90 in a few hours is always good sport, well done. 
The very few fields of rape we’ve got here are a week or so away if the weather stays fair I reckon, pigeons didn’t touch it through winter but may go for the stubble with any luck! 


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2 minutes ago, dead eye alan said:

Well done 90 is good going for a man that usually runs out of cartridges, and a man that jumps up and down like a Jacko-in-a-box. 😎

I must confess I had one cartridge left out of 75 when we packed up early so I could get back to watch the rugby. 

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