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I.D. help required.

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EBAFD3C7-D062-4AD3-8D05-17DBD844BCC7.jpeg.749a1cbd643567b3110b18fc6db94fbc.jpegEA090C22-F1D3-40FD-9FEE-A9AD5DEE7E87.jpeg.015af97d811fe20131122423f2fc4c6d.jpegApologies for the photo quality as the tablet didn’t seem to want to focus on the subject from a couple of inches. 
Can anyone please help identify this creature I found on my conservatory window this morning?
Overall length was about one inch. The topside photo is particularly bad but does show the two white spots on the upper side of the wings, which were dark chocolate brown in colour. It is the front end (mouthparts?) which baffled me as I have never seen this before.

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59 minutes ago, ditchman said:

has your labradour got Laffette tolley blood line in it ?

The yellow lab in the picture is not actually mine. We are puppy sitting for my daughter. Unless I ask to see the pup’s pedigree, I don’t know the answer. All I can tell you is that she is nearly 6 months old and came from Glasgow. Pup and Mrs. L.B. photo bombed the pic of the moth!

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i will see if i can find a pic of my old lab from way back...her name was duchess   very very similar....she had a twizel on her tail and the hair on her back some went one way and some went the other way....it was a genetic marker for Lafiette..

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