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Some of the prettiest ground to shoot there is to have

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Jdog kindly invitesd me out for a few hours earlier and I gladly accepted. We had a somewhat circuitous route to the field and passed a few that had recently been combined before landing by some rape stubble. With our backs to the wind and sun we could see somewhere in the region of infinity across rolling fields in various stages of harvest. What a sight. In 25.c with 20mph winds, almost clear blue sky's and a rape stubble in that picturesque setting. What's not to like. 

We put a rotary out with a few decoys. Took the rotary in again and later put it back out. The birds favouring the far side of the field (they would) to the spinney they had been coming to for the last 2 days. 

In any case they weren't everything today, the view was. We shot into double figures in the 3 hours we were set up. None of the birds, as ever, were easy. A couple were absolute screamers crossing the hide from the extreme left to right well over 50 mph wind behind them. The dog meister dropped a corker and I had 3 that made the day worth it each in their own right.

Whilst in the hide, in such glorious surroundings on a rather lovely day, I put the thoughts of building a massive house on that very spot out of my mind and decided jdog should probably write a book about shooting pigeons. He of course disagreed. I think it would be a good read.....

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The view was glorious which sort of made up for the lack of pigeons.

As for writing a book on shooting pigeons, that would assume a decent knowledge of the subject which I do not claim to have. Even if I had my wordsmithying abilities would let me down so a book is very unlikely.


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A totally different landscape to what we are used to , for one thing your fields you shoot over are a lot bigger than ours which can and do make it slightly easier to get the right position in setting up , I looked yesterday at five fields that were cut beside each other and the whole five put together would only be about the same acreage as one of your big ones , that is the beauty of shooting over estate land as the trees and hedges are there for a reason and the reason is normally to do with game shooting .

Most of the rape have now been cut now the weather have improved and one farmer the other night was still combining well past 11 o clock at night , we have now got a lot of Pigeons about but the same ole story , here one day and gone the next .

P S     By the way  nice clear photo . 

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