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Help deciding on which invictus


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Hi I have a strange one.

two second hand guns for sale and both look nice.

one is invictus 5 multi choke with 30 inch barrels and 3 years old. 3500 quid.

other is high pheasant version of invictus 5 with 32 inch barrels and fixed chokes. Only a year old, 3100 quid and even better condition.

I think I'm ok with the idea of fixed choke but would open them to 1/4 and 1/2 or maybe even 3/8 and 3/8. 

barrel length is tricky for me. I shoot 30 right now but wonder whether I'd do better with 32. 

im 6 foot 1 and would probably need to lengthen both stocks to 16 inch pull length. Comb a bit high for me.

part of me concerned I might miss multi choke even though I don't think I need them for fairly casual competitive sporting with a bit of skeet and game thrown in. Barely ever change mine anyway.


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I’m 6”1” also, and shoot everything from 27 to 32 inch barrels, with LOP the standard 14 and something or other. 
3/8ths in both barrels would be my ideal choking, and I think multi-chokes often create more doubt and confusion which otherwise wouldn’t exist. 
Other than that I can’t help. 🙂


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I have an Invictus 1 30" mc which was used for trap, sporting and skeet.

Recently I've decided to do more sporting, and have a set of 32" mc barrels I use, but I only ever use 3/8 flush teagues in both barrels and can alter cartridges to suit long or close birds.

I'd go with the one your heart tells you .. if it's the 32" then you could spend the spare cash on getting it teagued if you wanted the flexibility.

Both good guns though for sure.

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Whilst they probably fit the same they won't handle the same as  the fixed choke barrels are noticeably lighter than the standard m/c ones. I recently asked Ivan Reid of Teague Precision if the f/c barrels could be retro fitted with thinwall chokes. He said most can but not all, so opening out would be the safe option.

Personally I like the comb height on CGs but it's not hard to find places who could take some wood off for you.


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I have 16” LOP, due to my height, arm length and not being overweight. The guns fit me but are almost unusable for anyone else. Now I can shoot a standard 14.5” LOP and kill almost as much but I couldn’t when I started out. The adjustments made to my guns are always reversible to ensure good resale value. 

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