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Hazel nuts


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On 18/08/2021 at 15:08, dipper said:

Sorry guys ment to say every time I picked up hazel nuts left them for a few weeks thay were never edible.



Then you are picking them too early and they have not matured in the shell. This year has been a poor year here for both Kentish Cobs and walnuts although my neighbours walnut tree no more than 200 yards away is loaded.  Walnuts are the same. Pick them whilst they are still in the green case and the insides are YUK!   The big problem is managing to pick the matured nuts before the tree rats, mice, rats and badgers do it for you.

Hazels need to fall from the leaf husk and then they are ripe and fit to eat. m They will keep well past Christmas in a dry cool place, not need to freeze. They keep better in the shell than they do shelled.

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