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Recommend any charter boats in the south west


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After a disappointing day down Seaton with the spinning rod (usual 😂) my mate and his brother suggested we do a day trip on a boat in the next month or 2.

Can anyone suggest a crew/boat to go out on? There's a few going from Weymouth I see, but I'm not bothered about going out on a smaller tug if the big boys are fully booked. Budget not really a issue, nor distance but I'm thinking Christchurch area to Exeter, maybe a bit further west, say a max of  Paignton as I've a place to crash there anyway. 

Species, anything really, though we'd all like to try wreck fishing as we personally own a small inshore boat ourself and would like to go further out 


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Snapper charters has a good reputation. They do both sightseeing and fishing, but their main line is in the fishing trips. Straight out of the centre of Weymouth and they have a bright orange boat, so you can't miss them. They do offshore, wrecking and shark trips.

Boat Fishing Trips and Jurassic Coast Sightseeing Trips from Weymouth (snapperweymouth.com)

Oh and it's the law that you have to have fish and chips at Bennett's afterwards, just on the marina! Best in town. Weymouth Angling Centre is just round the corner from where Snapper's moored, too. Good tackle shop with a wealth of local knowledge 

All you need in one photo! Snapper and Bennett's!

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No not yet unfortunately 

Its definitely going to go ahead, just he's had a newborn and there's been a few problems along the way

Snapper/Weymouth is likely where we're go out, but I'll also do torquay another time as it kills the day when visiting family in paignton 

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