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Tomtom sat nav issue.


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I have a tomtom start 52. It's a basic satnav but does what I need it to. 

Over the weekend when I was 200 miles from home it just went blank. Luckily I had a map book in the truck.

Trying to switch it on again it showed the red battery light and went out again. I left it plugged in but by the time I got home it still hadn't taken any charge. I plugged it in at home and left it overnight. Still the red battery light and switched itself off. 

Trying to get an answer from tomtom is a joke. They don't have a phone number, they don't have an email address, and the "chat" thing puts you through to someone who barely speaks English. The charming bloke i spoke to told me to "take it to local shop". 

Now I'm not electrically minded, but I would assume it was the battery. BUT..surely if it was the battery then it would still work when plugged into the cigarette lighter? The cigarette lighter does work as I checked that first. 

That makes me think it is the charging cable. BUT...if it was, then the satnav wouldn't try to switch itself on when I plug it in, even if it is only for a few seconds. 

I'd rather not fork out for a new satnav but I also don't want to buy loads of spares for it just to consign it to the dustbin.

Any ideas?

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Definitely sounds like a dodgy cable or dodgy usb on the satnav. 

Try a new cable, I had a similar issue with a Samsung tablet, plug the cable in to charge, and it would intermittently drop off charging, I replaced the cable and all was fine.

The connectors wear with use, try replacing the cable, it may sort the issue.

It could possibly be the charger has gone faulty as well.

And of course it could be the sat nav is faulty.

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Battery failure is a known fault. It can be repaired for £30 or so. 

The trouble is, what will fail next?  A circuit board and another £30 repair?  At what point it is better to buy a new one, which I guess is the reason why they make electronic goods with a finite life span. 

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I have a perfectly good TomTom which lives in a drawer in the garage because they stopped publishing maps for that particular model several years ago.
To be fair they offered me a derisory discount on their current models as compensation.

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Turned out it was the power lead. I tried another microusb and it didn't work so bit the bullet and bought a new tomtom one and it works fine. Should keep me mapped up for a another year or 2. 

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2 hours ago, Lord O War said:

The problem with apps is they chew through the battery something shocking plus someone always calls when you are negotiating a tricky roundabout or junction and the screen switchs . Aways, without fail 100% of the time. I think its some sort of universal law

Been using google maps in the van lately. Other than as you say regarding battery usage it works on the whole fairly well other than the odd occasion like the other day where it decided going through Braintree was quicker than going down the 120 🤨

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