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New in Derbyshire / Nottinghamshire


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Hi All!


I'm looking at starting clay pigeon shooting, tried it a few years ( 5/ 6 ish) ago and really enjoyed it but wasnt in the situation to take it anyfurther, i'm looking for any recommendations of friendly clubs / grounds in the nottingham/derby area ( i live pretty much on the border between the two) where i can have lessons - I have already been in touch with one club who shoot twice a month and am looking forward to going along to thier next shoot, but was wondering where else is good if i get the bug to want to do it more often than the club shooting days! or if i feel the need for some more structured lessons.


I have not yet applied for my SGC but will be doing so as soon as i can find somewhere to store/house any shotgun i buy, sadly i cannot have a gunsafe where i am currently living- so i was wondering if anyone knows of somewhere in my area that offers a gun storage service? I was initally intending on learning to shoot at orston where i had my first experiance shooting as i know they do advertise this service but i've heard that orston is not as nice a place as it once was as well as no longer lets you acomopany unlicenced shooter e.c.t.


Thanks in advance



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Just wanted to say thanks for the help everyone, have had some shooting now and throughtly enjoying it - will likly put down orston on my SGC app as its the onyl place i can find that offer gun lodging but as its likly to be 1yr+ before i buy a gun with getting a house next year ill settle for having the cert and being able to hire guns elsewhere if i need to 😃

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