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Hatsan Gas Seal


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Evening chaps, thought I’d share a top tip for other Hatsan owners out there, as it’ll happen to everyone at one point or another. 

I was cleaning mine today, and managed to pinch the o-ring seal and cut the damn thing right through. 

So I called the shop where I bought it to see if I could get another from them to save me having to wait and pay postage etc. On most sites they are around £5 plus p&p. When I got there he gave me one for free, and then sent me down to a local seals and bearings shop (City Seals and Bearings, for anyone in the Sheffield area) where I bought another ten of them at £0.37 each. So the gunsmith says, the seal going bad is the number one cause of returns that he sees, as they either get forgotten about or pinched during assembly - the gun will still sort of work without it, but it won’t cycle reliably. 

I thought I’d share this with you all to save some pennies - it’s easier to take the working seal with you for them to measure rather than guessing at it yourself.

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Hello, I am not a Hatsan owner but I think many types of seals for semi auto and pump shotguns and PCP air rifles can be purchased from the likes of that Company in Sheffield , it's knowing the correct sizes ?, Good on that RFD, if you know the size I am sure many PW members would be pleased to know 👍

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