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Hampshire shooting? (inc. this BH monday)

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Hey are there any fellow shooters in Hampshire? Just looking longer term at potentially forming some friendships to go to shoots as my friends don't shoot. Maybe we need a billy no mates (Billy no clays? lol) section to match people :D

Slightly more shorter term, I am hopefully days away from getting my certificate, home visit was 3.5 weeks ago. Looking for someone super kind to let me join them within travel distance of Hampshire on Bank Holiday monday to shoot? It will mean I would kindly ask you to share your gun, but happy to buy the bacon butty and brew as warmup? I believe Ower is shooting but again don't know anyone local!

Longer term preferred but this weekend also would be so much fun too :)


Keep safe guys and dolls and enjoy your long weekend! :)

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7 minutes ago, RoBeRt1990 said:

Not going anywhere bank holiday Monday as working but would be up for shooting some other time as I always shoot alone 

If you’re local that would be cool. :) always more fun to win graciously or lose terribly with company 🤣 where are you based? 

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I'm on the fence about live game, partly because of the killing aspect (I do get the ecology side) but mostly the cost. I know there are beater days etc, But that's a lot of long days for a free shoot. 

I guess I am very early in my adventure and it's too early for that side of it for me I think. 

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