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Whilst in the loft this afternoon I found this;


It is an Oerlikon 35mm round from one of the captured Argentinian Anti-Aircraft guns captured during the Falklands War.


The gun was test fired and a practice head was added to the empty case.


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This, truthfully, used to be actually in my loft. For maybe thirty five years since my father died in the mid-1980s it was up there. But it's been downstairs on display in my son's house for a while now. My late father's claim to fame. It is the mounting from a German parachute mine/aerial torpedo. It was dropped on the military airfield he was in charge of the light ant-aircraft detachment at. Being the officer he had the pleasure of having to run from cover and cut the parachute with a knife to stop it being dragged towards the fuel dump. He kept both the parachute (long gone that...it was best silk) and the mounting as a souvenir. The picture in the diagram is a generic one...not my father's bomb.



Luftmine B.png

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