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Big cal ?

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So my mate and I were out shooting today and a metal detector chap was working the field behind us for an hour  .he popped over and gave us this shell .

So during the huge lulls in action we set about trying to figure out what cal it was and from what gun .the bullet was  unfired  so we assumed its been chopped at some point by the plough and broken up .

Well it took a bit of Google ing but turns out that it's from a ww2 (1939 - 1943 production ) anti tank gun and is .55 cal and 735 grns doing around 2750 fps (12500 fpe ) and is a one man walk about gun .

God only knows how it ended up in a field south of Bristol  but it certainly  brought a bit of interest  to a rather slow decoying day  






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We first thought it might have been dropped from a lancaster bomber. But they use .303 cal .

.we spent a good while running through a few different scenarios as to why it was were it was and unfired .

Suffice to say there could be more in the area maybe even still whole .


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Metal detecting on a farmers field in the Cotswolds I was surprised to find dozens of fired 303 rounds , all undamaged. The farmer said no-one had ever shot 303 on his land and certainly not that number. It was a puzzle till grandma piped up and said her husband was always complaining about the early spitfires shooting at drones and the rounds landing on the barn roof like rain.

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Be aware that thanks to a past "shooter friendly" Tory Government that projectiles or ammunition for this behemoth (or from any calibre pre-NATO British ammunition with a green annulus and or headstamped with a "W" and that includes .303 British thus my reason for my reply) are now s5.

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