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Beretta a300 outlander vs winchester stealth

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Hi guys

Need a bit of advice/experience..I can get a new Sx4 stealth for £669 or a nearly new A300 outlander for the same.

Is there anything between these two guns or is it which fits best and personal preference. I will be using it for 50/50 clays and pest control. Many thanks 

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I have a Winchester Sx3 Red Performance and a Beretta Upland.  They both fit me equally well and I had the Sx3 for a few years before buying the Beretta.

The Beretta shoots a lot smoother, you don't notice the clunk of the action the same. There is less felt recoil with the same shells.

Both are good guns but I would opt for the Beretta if I had to choose between the two.  

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