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Alros Tomcat


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Any body own or handled a Alros Tomcat ?

They were offered according to the brochure as a CO2 or PCP in a Walnut or Beech stock.

Alros didn't last long sadly and whilst the Trailsman and Shadow models pop up occasionally, I have never seen mention of the Tomcat.


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They wasnt really on my radar tbh, I'd become aware of the trailsman through the shooting mags and general chatter back in the day, also I liked the poacher style. Also I knew they had some co2 setup which they no doubt hoped would win a few over that are nervous around high pressure filling tanks (bottles if you like)After a quick Google the tomcat looks sleek, and on the other forums there's a few pages about it, but no real info. Seems 22 was only available in co2. 

Never seen one, probably never will. 

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