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Kennel self build project!


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Finally hubby has made all the different sections, they’ve been galved and now just the little job of putting them together 🙈😂

We’re going to have to pack the bottom at the lower end of the slab as it’s lower than the top which we knew but we’re hoping to move soon and take the kennels with us so a) there was no point building them to suit the slab and b) spend the time and money building up the slab 😂🙄


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14 minutes ago, WalkedUp said:

Excellent. We have designed a commercial kennel once, surprisingly quite a lot to it in terms of specification. 

It is! I was surprised just how much thought had to go into them, definitely not as easy as it looks 🙈

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3 hours ago, bigbird said:

Current situation- we really wish we had sorted the concrete pad out and the doors are a touch wonky but great for a prototype! 


@Lloyd90these are the panels we’re using, think you were asking previously 🤔


That looks good, assume it’s similar to the boards they use on those KM engineering kennels? 

Just jet wash it and all clean. 

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