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7 hours ago, figgy said:

I've always had the mindset that, 80 mil is the price as that what it cost and 29 mil was way under and was wrong from the off. The low number was spouted to appease and the real numbers will have been known.

You may well be right - in which case - who is misleading who (I'm not quite sure how the responsibilities are organised, but this is a sort of guess)?

  1. The 'clerks of the works' dept misleading the Parliamentary Estate finance dept?
  2. The Parliamentary Estate finance dept. misleading the Treasury civil servants?
  3. The various civil servants misleading MPs Parliament?
  4. MPs misleading people, press etc?

The bottom line is that refurbishing old buildings does tend to run over a bit - which is why you have contingencies - which might typically be 5 to 15% in construction.  I presume more in refurbishment.  But 29M jumping to 80M simply isn't 'contingency'.

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Just now, WalkedUp said:

The Prussian blue colour looks fantastic, much better than the black. Personally I consider £80m (£1.20 each) money well spent to preserve a key aspect of our national heritage for future generations. 🇬🇧

I'm also happy to pay my £1.20 - but I would have been much happier had I been asked for £1.20 initially rather than told I pay £0.40 then be charged £1.20.

It is not the amount that is the concern - it is the fact that either there was gross incompetence in surveying/specifying/scoping/pricing/quoting the work - or someone was deliberately misleading. 

I don't like paying for incompetence and I hate paying to be mislead.

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