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A real treat.


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I think this  thread should be a runner with every member posting photos ofwhat they are up to on their birthday .extra points for going shooting on your big day .so over to you zapp for the next photo .

Unfortunately  mines in march but I did go wild  camping with my dog in the woods  back then .



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Many happy returns to you and not forgetting Zapp , two very active and well respected members on the forum .

Trouble with birthdays is as you get older they seem to come round that much quicker than they ever used to . one reason why now I only celebrate my birthday when they come round with a nought on the end :lol: 

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Thanks for the wishes, and apologies for riding on JDog's coat tails.

Alas I was working today, albeit from home, so no pics, so you'll just have to imagine me doing meetings over Zoom with a smart shirt up top and shorts and trainers below to survive the heat and trying to remember to switch the cam off if I had to get up.

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