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Selling car do people not look at advert ?


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I feel for anyone who puts themselves through this, especially with the amount of commercial and online car buying services that are now available. Used car prices have never been higher than they are right now.

I sold a car privately last year to fund a house move. It was a 4 year old hot hatch so attracted the sort of people you would expect. The car was in immaculate condition and had only done 18k miles. It was priced fairly, in the middle ground between the barried boy racer **** and a main dealer warrantied sale. 

One potential buyer asked for a 25% discount as he lived in the same town. Same buyer then told me that he could buy the same car, same condition for 6 grand less locally. I asked him to show me where and I would buy it myself. He called me rude and ended the discussion. 

I sold a few weeks later to lad who came from over an hour away. Had a fairly in depth chat about the car via WhatsApp prior to agreeing a viewing. He turned up when agreed, had a quick test drive, paid the asking price minus the £500 I had built in to the cost for haggling and I never heard from him again. Perfect. 

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I’m currently selling a classic mini purchased by a family member in 1979, comes complete with original purchase receipt, only done 33000 miles from new and I can prove it’s only done 4000 miles in the last 25 years with a receipt for some work that was done to it, and last MOT in 1997 (not been on the road since). Had a guy interested on the weekend, a load of email exchange explaining its history, a family car etc. He was real excited about the original purchase receipt, but ended up saying he wouldn’t buy it because I didn’t have enough proof of mileage even though the excellent condition of the vehicle backed up the low mileage and so did the history I have al be it limited on paper… all I can say is a time waster, as if I haven’t got better things to do with my Sunday evening..!

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