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And it keeps coming


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So, Tuesday night on the way back home went from a lighted area into dark - and no headlights - dash showing main beam on. Stopped car put 4 ways on - turned off and on and they were working!!

Yesterday (the day after) went out to find a horrible dent on the passenger wing - hopefully PDR will get that sorted.

Last night - went for a shoot at Faux Degla, and on the way back the "Battery not Charging" came on - knocked the air con off and it went away. This morning leaving for work it came on straight away - checked voltage on the battery - Off 11.6v - running - 11.6v - booked in for a new alternator on Monday....

What next I ask myselft

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10 hours ago, GingerCat said:

Battery ? Maybe the clutch. Mine likes to spend my money when I can least afford it also. 

I am having a new battery fitted as well - to be honest - I knew it needed one - had it in the garage for a couple of months as the car was playing up towards the end of winter - but they are a pig to change as they put a rod through a captive bolt and that seizes!!! The current battery is the one from new - 8.5 years 😱

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