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.25 fac air rifle recommendations


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Got a slot for a .25 fac air, would like people's  opinions on the ones they own and use regularly, budget @ £1000, would like 60ftlb ish running pressure. Already have a .22 fac for rats and closer stuff, this is for slightly longer ranges on a very flat golf course, rabbits. magpies, squirrels, rooks ,crows and ring neck parakeets are the pests to be controlled. 


Tks in advance scobydog

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Well imo only one to get is FX wildcat or impact , but it would have to be second hand for that type of money . 
I have mine running @ 70 ftlbs with 33 gr ZAN slug or 72 ftlbs with 35 gr ZAN slug or I can take it down to shoot at 50 ish ftlbs . 


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