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First pigeon today


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Went of the farm today, I always talk to the farmer and let him know where I am going ,his son suggested the top field as it has had hay on it it is about 20acres with oak and ash trees and good size hedge all around , my gun today Hatsan Escort semi 28" ,choice of cartridges RC 28 6  Gamebore 29 6 velocity recently bought some Jocker  to try so had 32 5 20 6 and 28 6, had a 1/4 choke ,I had a good walk around scoffing blackberries  as I walked ,the hedges full of them and sloes  ooh they're so bitter but the blackberries  every hedge just kept picking and eating ,noticed under a hedge remains of a Buzzard a wing and tail feathers  ,there is a Badger set which is live and noticed 4 more runs been dug recently, nothing doing in that field so gun emptied and bagged to cross the road onto the farms main fields I normally walk in 100yds in with the road behind before unbagging and loading  a few high pigeons  ,then changed the choke to 1/2" and the rain started , I notice a bird up in a dead tree about 400yd right at the top so walked up to about 100yds still raining it took off ****** a young Buzzard, they are prolific on the farm those and Red Kites, I walked back and took shelter under a large Ash, still raining ,heard a couple of pigeons take off out some trees further down ,my luck they always leave behind the hedge/tree line from where I am ,then a couple of people running along the hedge row a field away so I watched to see them go away ,the farmer was ploughing 2 fields away  with loads of gulls trailing him, I then moved along for 30yds under another Ash with a good canopy, unloaded the Jocker 28's stuck in three 32 5's and bingo out of the tree line a nice pigeon it stayed low then lifted  first shot it twisted 2nd feathers flying it turned over and I watched it drop into a big hedge of bramble and sloes  , walked up there it was nice heavy bird in good condition, most of the hit was left side  and using the Jocker 32' 5's with 1/2" choke I was well happy been using different 12g's  various chokes and found the one ,I paced back to where I was standing 43yds ,did it twice to make sure, the rain was getting heavier so decided to  finish  and go .

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moor man no didn't bring it home, but a good plump bird in good condition ,for weeks now very few birds pigeons ,corvids about when they are rare to see 3 or more  mostly very high and away and it is 550 acres , lucky for me the other farms are syndicated so this one free, old school farming family who doesn't want people traipsing about,  the area is full of Red kites and Buzzards mobbing everything, there is  one live Badger set , 2 Roe deer, no squirrels yet must be 100 Oak and Ash trees, fields surrounded by high thick hedge, I don't get despondent  it is nice to use the guns ,not really been out for over 3 years with my wife's health  so really starting again and trying different chokes and cartridges , can't wait for the cold snap to come should have my eye in and chokes sorted  gone from 1/4 now to 1/2.got to just sort out my Mossberg 8 shot pump c lect choke then I'll be happy .Thanks to you and ditchman and TC for your comments.

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