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Use up those excess pears


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This year we have a glut of pears and I hate to see them rot on the ground. Yes, we give away as many as we can but still have alot lay there for use.  I went on youtube and found half a dozen VERY simple recipes for pear bread/cake and made some. Now I am experimenting with added flavours. Delicious with clotted cream.

the simple recipe is as follows.

Mixing bowl and electric whisk

2 eggs into bowl with a cup full of sugar   whisk until nice and creamy

add 1/2 cup of veg oil and whisk again, this takes a bit of mixing

half teaspoon of salt into a cup and a half of self raising flour/Tip this into the mixture and whisk again until you have a nice smooth creamy mix.

Pour this into a baking tin....I lined mine with baking sheet

Gently tap the tin on the table to settle the mix

Cut the pears in half and take out the core and stalk etc.  A melon scoop is great for doing this. Don't bother skinning the pears.

Then push the pears edge on into the mixture fairly tightly against each one another.

Bake in a ready hot oven  180c  45 to 55 mins.  Ours is a fan oven which tends to cook hot and I found that 45 mins was perfect.

Let it cool and then tip out and when cold, slice and add the clotted cream.

I am now adding various flavours,....orange, cinnamon..lemon....almond essence and will put some flaked almonds on top.  Already have three in the deep freeze for winter puds.

I will take some photos of the next batch.


The second lot I just doubled everyhting up and it made three nice size cakes and I used the tin foil baking trays so easy to freeze.

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I am going to pickle some when the next two trees ripen.  I don't know about jam but will research it. They don't freeze very well turning a brownish colour when cooked even straight from the freezer and the texture isn't the same.    Would be interesting to try poaching some and then freezing, then bring them out and make a pie or crumble. 

If any of you are passing please drop in and pick a few.

There is a similar recipe to the above but that dices the pears and I plan to include some apple or even plum with those.  The mixture is much the same a simple sponge type.

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