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22 in HFT


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Tench took on the Nationals with .22, just to prove a point.

I would use 28 yards as my zero range and map the reticle from there. I am not a serious tin bunny shooter but I use .20 break barrel Theoben and shoot every target I can see from stood offhand, because I am not getting down in the wet or mud for a tin anything! If I can't see the target from stood, I just leave it and get 0 and go to the next stand.

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Cheers for the replies. 

Going to the plink tomorrow after fitting new seals under the air guage and block, (been bodged with wrong seals and a ham fist), so now it holds air. 1st job is the chrono, then aim points. 30yd zero looks favourite with 25yd parallax (I know my blurr with 25). I'm guessing using the parralax dodge for the short ones isn't going to work in 22 but I could never get it to work reliably with a connect anyway.

Plink is under cover and I've got a tin of Jumbo RS, sorted. 

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