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How much capacity of a solar panel is needed to run a rotary magnet wiper motor?

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Wiper motors use a lot of power, the size of the panels needed are likely to be as much of an obstacle as the weight of the battery.

Solar panels are much more fragile than batteries so traipsing across a field with one is likely to end up with a damaged panel.

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23 hours ago, bavarianbrit said:

Sorry I asked.

seriously now ....i have thought of the same thing......what prompted me was seeing the road speed awareness signs that have a small solar panel ontop......

i think for this idea to work you need a super light aliminuim magnet with polystirene decoys and a very small efficient motor to drive it that is geared well down......having the shiny panel near the magnet ...i dont think will frighten the pigeons...as by nature they are inqisitive.......

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25 minutes ago, bavarianbrit said:

Perhaps integrate the panels around the vertical shaft (being silly) as a Munich company are now doing on a car bodywork not BMW its a startup company.

But many of the panels will not be facing the sun!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  :rolleyes:

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I did have a solar operated garden pond pump. It relied upon STRONG sunlight to work correctly, so, I gave it up as a bad job ! Several years later I did use the pump with some 1/2" plastic hose attached as a bilge pump for shifting rain water out of a 16 foot dinghy, using a 12 volt 12amp/hr battery as a power source.

I would stick with a battery  !

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