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New wheels

Bungle The Bear

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I know this has been flogged to death, and I do apologise in advance. 

My Honda CRV is nearly at the end of its life - the subframe is becoming increasingly crusty, so after 170k miles it's time to say goodbye soon- I have a budget 20/ 30K this shall be my main car and shoot vehicle doing only occasional soft off road work. 

I've been looking at, in no particular order, Skoda, Subaru, Volvo, Volkswagen, Toyota, Honda, Ford, Audi, and with clenched teeth Land Rover!  

Any feedback most welcome 

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I have just spent several months deliberating over what to replace my shooting / fishing / dog truck with and had a (not so) short list of about 15 vehicles, most of which I test drove and not one ticked all the boxes.

At first I thought I wanted a pick up to separate the dogs & wet gear etc from the drive compartment, but I like the shelter provided by a traditional large tailgate and got the frights when I heard the story of a rear ended pick up that the owner could not get to his dogs after the rear end caught on fire.

I recently bought a VW Touareg which ticks 99% of the boxes and is a super vehicle. Well worth a look and there is a very informative UK owners group on FaceBook.

Good luck with your search.

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It’s a **** time to buy, with that budget you are close to new pickup money but delivery times is the problem.  My l200 lease is up in December and the first Navara they can get me is probably February, it’s driven the second hand market mad and the prices are ridiculous.

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As a devoted Land Rover user it grieves me to say DON'T buy one at the moment. The prices are inflated to start with. You have much to choose from and they ALL have their little quirks and problems as almost all electronically controlled vehicles do.  If I was forced to look for a vehicle then I would go for a Toyota Pick up. My friend has a newish one which as small doors behind the main doors which give access to what are suggested as seats but ideal for sliding a shotgun or rifle in out of sight and the load bay is adequate.

Let me just say on edit, I have a 32 year old Landie which takes me wherever I need to go. Yes, I have spent a bit on it above the £600 I paid for it but it still only cost me under £7000 total and it just passed it's yearly MOT test with flying colours.   If it coughs and breaks down, which it rarely has, I can normally get it back and running with a screw driver and pair of pliers I don't require a Degree in Computers.

Ask Team Tractor he always drools at the mouth when I blip the throttle.

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