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A new neighbour moved in recently. A single dad with a boy not yet six. All the boy thinks about is wildlife, ferreting, shooting and guns. Dad doesn’t shoot. 
So, yesterday, I dug the old BSA Merlin out of the collection and invited them round for some fun.  Despite being a tiny rifle it is still obviously far too big for the youngster.       I set it up on a table on two bench rest bags and, for a start, placed the obligatory bean tin about ten feet away. The idea being to make it unlikely for the lad to miss. He didn’t miss, and was soon able to understand enough to line up the scope on target himself, and we moved the target to about twelve yards. 
The boy was hooked from the first pellet.

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Awesome .

When a gun fits a kid well they can be surprisingly accurate  shots  .

I set my god daughter up in my garden with a small airrifle that has an adjustable  stock .at 8 years old she needed the shortest position  but was hitting bottle caps at 17 yds from the first shot  .

10 shots , big grin  and she loved it .

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